Imperatore Herds

Herds at Campo Imperatore – Italy 2013


Blackwave – Business Portrait June 2016

Istanbul Surfaces

Istanbul. The city with a million faces. Men drinking tea in the middle of the bazar, fishermen on the bridge surrounded by honking taxis. Senses are exploding and emotions pressed

The great Freedom I

The great freedom. Endless largeness, straight streets, no boundaries. Emptiness. The dream of the great freedom has become to the fear of loosing it. This fear makes us build walls

The great freedom II

The great freedom. The possibility to do what ever you want to do. Or not to do it. Boundless. Not caring about what others might think. Being free from the

The great freedom III

The great freedom. New York. The city where dreams come true. Infinite possibilities, infinite expectations and an infinite amount of people trying to capture it. Some of them way up