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The great freedom. Endless largeness, straight streets, no boundaries. Emptiness. The dream of the great freedom has become to the fear of loosing it. This fear makes us build walls and fences. We make up rules and laws telling us what to do and how to feel. Like we lock up the lion in the zoo, we lock our selfs up, mure the fear, not noticing we are confined to it by the fences we built. People emigrated to the US looking for freedom. By now many of them traded the freedom for security. A deceptive exchange with a high cost. The fear closes our eyes to the beauty of the world. There are a few people left, who still believe in freedom. They don‘t care about rules and social conventions, conserved some curiosity, and keep conquering the world every day. The road. There is a breeze of adventure in the air. Love. And a small remain of the great freedom they‘ve all been dreaming of.